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Women In Business Leadership Conference

Registration is currently not available for the 12th Annual Women in Business Leadership Conference. It will take place on Friday, April 5th from 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing, MI. This is a one-day conference open to all MSU students free of charge! When available, you will be able to register here. 

“The WBSA Leadership Conference is a necessity for anyone hoping to reach high levels in the business world.  Being able to connect with like-minded business leaders sets the stage for meaningful discussions and lasting relationships. Invest in yourself and take the time to find your guide to success,” said Hannah Crittenden, the former President of Women in Business Students’ Association and Supply Chain Management senior.

Last year's theme for the conference was Navigating the Future: Your Guide to Success. The WBSA executive board selected this theme to encourage students to find their path to success, while recognizing that there is no instruction booklet for success, but rather a series of recommendations and learning how to use their existing leadership skills to their advantage.

Dow Chemical, Stryker, and Meijer presented workshops during the conference on interacting with management, creating an impact in your career, and becoming a well-rounded professional. Additionally, there was a panel of young MSU alumni to share their experiences and answer questions regarding their experience transitioning from college to the workplace.

“The WBSA Leadership Conference offers an opportunity to hear about graduate’s experience in the working world which will help make their transition easier. On top of that, you have the opportunity to listen to an executive speak during the keynote about her journey through the business world and that will help you to be a better employee as well as a future leader,” stated Emily Krysinski, one of WBSA’s top members and a Human Resource Management senior.

Last year, the keynote speaker at the luncheon was Tiffany Ford, Chief Executive Officer of University of Michigan Credit Union. Ford, a Michigan State alum, shared her key insights from over 18 years of experience in the financial industry, particularly using her expertise in auditing and finance.

“It takes dedication and hard work to excel in the business world and the Women in Business Leadership Conference is an essential piece of this. I would encourage everyone who is serious about their career and being a leader to attend. You will not regret it,” said Crittenden.

“This event will offer MSU students unique opportunities to engage with alumni and leaders from across diverse industries along with a distinguished keynote speaker. I have found it to be an integral supplement to students’ learning and leadership experiences as they gain new insights on trending industry topics. Additionally, students will receive the chance to hear from recent MSU graduates and obtain hands-on advice on how to prepare to best meet the challenges within the workplace and beyond,” stated former WBSA president and current member, Yanisa Godard.

“Navigating the Future: Your Guide to Success” involves recognizing the significance of learning from your peers and yourself in order to enhance your existing leadership abilities. The journey towards achieving continued success all begins with learning how to navigate your skills and deciding which paths you would like to travel in your career.

“The Women in Business Leadership Conference is a time to begin establishing yourself as a business leader. For me, this was the first time that I had attended an elite event of this magnitude and it really set me up for success during my internship. I was able to connect with business executives and interact with them in a setting very similar to the real business world. I was also able to get a jump start on my development as a leader and this experience is what inspired this year’s theme, Navigating the Future: Your Guide to Success,” stated former President of WBSA, Hannah Crittenden.

1)    Interacting with Management – DOW

2)    Creating an Impact in Your Career – Stryker

3)    Becoming a Well-Rounded Professional – Meijer

Student Testimony:

I found this to be an incredibly great experience. As a part of the conference, we got to meet past E-board members, and hear how WBSA had helped them succeed in the professional world. From this event, I met a past E-board member who has helped me connect with the company she works for and even set up an office visit back in my hometown. She has given me great professional advice and has become someone I can look up to.

 – Maria Kosukha