Women in Business Students' Association


Is WBSA just for business majors?

No, all majors are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not need to be admitted to the Eli Broad College of Business to join WBSA. All careers encounter business issues and must make business decisions so WBSA is relevant to all majors. We enjoy connecting with people of diverse majors and interests and we would like to reach as many people as possible. 

Is professional attire required for WBSA meetings and events?

No! Feel free to dress comfortably to all of our meetings and most events. We do suggest you wear business professional clothing to the Mock Career Fair and the Leadership Conference.

Are you some kind of feminist group?

No, we surely aren't! We are part of the Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) through the Eli Broad College of Business. MBP focuses on creating diverse and inclusive organizations for all students and since women are a minority, a group was formed to recognize us as an important part of business. We have male members and advisors and are always looking for more! Our philosophy is that eventually, all men will have to work with women in the workplace, so why not learn how from their perspective?!? 

 So you're open to men too?

 Yes, we encourage you to attend (see #1). 

 How can WBSA help me?

You are constantly hearing "get involved, get involved." For starters, WBSA is a group that you can   be actively involved in. You can simply be a member and add us to your resume, but we encourage   you to be actively involved by participating in community service, social, fundraising, and   professional development events and even take on responsibilities within the group. We have   executive board positions that are filled by students every year, as well as numerous activities to   participate in throughout the year. 

 Can WBSA get me a job?

 Literally speaking, no, but figuratively speaking, yes. Recruiters look for extracurricular   involvement, so including WBSA on your resume can't hurt. Additionally, all of our corporate   presenters are actively recruiting so our meetings provide excellent opportunities for networking   and building professional skills. Their presentations also provide helpful career search tips and   tricks for students. 

 What happens at your meetings?

We start with dinner (usually pizza or subs and pop), because, hey, we're all starving college   students! That is followed by WBSA announcements and updates on activities along with any news.   The majority of our meetings consist of presentations by corporate recruiters on issues pertinent to   women in the workplace. Feel free to dress is casual, comfortable clothing!

 Where and when are your meetings?

Our meetings are held on Wednesdays in the Business College Complex  from 6:30-7:30pm. Check   our calendar for specific meeting dates, rooms, and other event dates and locations. 

 How do I become a member?

We are ALWAYS accepting membership applications, which are available at our meetings as well as   on the 4th floor of the Eppley Center. Complete the application and return it with the appropriate   dues as indicated on the application (checks can be made out to WBSA) and you're all set! 

 Can I bring friends?

 Yes, yes, and yes!!! Please do! You will receive points, too. 

 Where do I get one of those cool t-shirts?

T-shirts are available at all of our general meetings. Check out the Merchandise tab for pictures and   pricing. You can also email us at wbsa@msu.edu to make other arrangements.